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This waste collection and recycling business is a partner of a fairly large waste collection firm in North America. Together with junk recycling business in Omaha for sale you also get equipment assets for a very large amount. The business is aimed entirely at clients from the list of individuals, businesses and countries. It is currently the greenest waste collection firm, recycling approximately 65% ​​of all items removed from the workplace.

Excellent reputation & high income company – junk recycling business for sale in Omaha

After recycling, suppliers of secondary raw materials purchase recyclable materials from the company at the warehouse and pay for it. So you can buy junk recycling business in Omaha and get a company with a stable, verifiable cash flow and 8 years of professional experience. The goal of the company is to save the Earth and rid it of debris cluttering it. By 2025, the company plans to give away, recycle all items that are disposed of, creating a standard for environmentally friendly recycling in the United States.

Junk recycling business in Omaha also has the highest customer service rating of nearly all service businesses in North America, and has the best reputation here.

  • Wide portfolio.
  • Trucks do not need specific licenses.
  • Large net income margin/3 separate streams of income.
  • Multifaceted business model.
  • The sales price includes full training and continuous corporate support.

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