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This is a very profitable shooting range in Nebraska for sale that offers training and weapon sales. They are located in the east of the state. The reputation of the company is stable and excellent, which leads to regular and new customers. This is a company that operates on a permanent basis and is suitable for the discerning investor looking for a stable business with a large stream of profits.

Details of the current offer and the benefits of opportunity to buy shooting range in Nebraska

The offered lucrative shooting range in Nebraska for sale has an innovative air treatment system that guarantees lead-free air quality throughout the company. In addition, a series of prefabricated barrels makes it possible to capture and dispose of used ammunition. Brass is also recyclable and makes a good profit. 10 inner lanes give a safe and clear 25 yards range for long guns and pistols.

Shooting range in Nebraska provides training, safety classes, accessories and nationwide e-commerce. There are other classes, including firearm safety, new weapon carrier training, marksmanship courses, defensive shooting skills, etc.

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