Manufacture and Sale of Reusable Water Bottles in The UK for sale

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Reusable water bottle company for sale

An amazing opportunity to turn on an existing, well-established, and proven brand into your perfect eCommerce company!
We are excited to introduce an innovative new e-commerce brand to the UK market.

For sale is a fashionable reusable water bottle company in the UK.
It sells and markets a line of reusable stainless steel bottles in six vibrant shades that are decorated with a variety of patterns.

The current owner opened the company about a year ago, and the design and material sourcing has been done with great care and originality.

Due to the owners’ desire to focus on other business interests, the company is now for sale, and they are excited to see this trendy e-commerce brand in the hands of an enthusiastic and enterprising new owner who can promote these products with the marketing enthusiasm and strategy they deserve.

Buying a reusable bottle business will meet your expectations and be a good investment!

It includes a Shopify site that is fully functional, built, and set up, as well as a linked and populated Facebook page with over 1,200 followers and an Instagram profile.

All designs, logos, and brand names have been registered and strong vendor relationships have been formed.

There’s a lot of value here for someone with experience in Shopify, e-commerce, online marketing, and brand promotion, and time to make this a full-time business.

This is a great opportunity to buy a reusable water bottle company in the UK.

The business can be run from any small commercial space or from home, and no buildings are required.

The number of people needed is minimal, as the design is simply applied to existing bottles, the merchandise is packaged and shipped.

Passionate owners who have successfully managed another e-commerce company for the previous five years are willing to transfer all digital and physical assets, as well as provide training and complete brand story transfer.

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