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Great opportunity to buy a martial arts school in Pennsylvania!

An overview of a martial arts training business for sale in the U.S.

This is a turn-key family business. While having martial arts experience is an advantage, it is not necessary to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. If you have no experience in this field, the salesperson claims that anyone with the ability to learn, athletic or with a sports background can be trained in 60-90 days (transitional phase) to become successful and feel comfortable in owning and operating a firm. All necessary information is available, including marketing materials, website, comprehensive programs, and a complete operating system. The 2021 summer camp season is fully booked, making it the most popular ever. Its main goal is to teach life skills to children ages 3 to 9. Discipline, control, attention, teamwork, perseverance and courage are the abilities that are taught in an enjoyable and fun way. The teaching method allows the company’s instructors to teach children in a fun, innovative, and most importantly, successful manner. Martial arts instruction has a significant impact on the lives of adolescent and adult students.

All classes are age-appropriate and age-appropriate. Programs are divided into age groups (ages 3 and 4, ages 5 and 6, ages 7-9, ages 10-12, ages 13 and older). The use of three late model (2018, 2019, 2020) multipurpose school buses to transport students in after school and summer camp programs is another feature that sets this company apart from the competition. Built to the same exacting standards as a school bus, these vehicles are the safest mode of transportation for school-age children. These buses have a total mileage of less than 5,000 miles and their unique look is eye-catching. They are mobile billboards that are very effective.

The current owner, who plans to retire, founded the company in 1998. Today, one of the original facilities is still in operation. In 2009, the owner took the opportunity to enter a new market. It was here that the After School and Summer Camp programs were created. They have now become the signature programs that set the company apart from most other martial arts training companies. In fact, the business has taken a special position in the industry, offering services that are in high demand and beneficial to both young students and their parents. Don’t miss your chance to buy a profitable Pennsylvania martial arts school!

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