Matched Principal Broker in the UK for sale

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Here is presented Matched Principal Broker in the UK for sale!

Overview of Matched Principal Broker in the UK for sale

Customer Type: Eligible Counterparty, Professional, Retail (Investment)

Investment Type

  1. Certificates representing certain security
  2. Commodity Future
  3. Commodity option and option on commodity future
  4. Contract for Differences (excluding a spread bet and, a rolling spot forex contract and a binary bet)
  5. Debenture
  6. Future (excluding a commodity future and a rolling spot forex contract)
  7. Government and public security
  8. Option (excluding a commodity option and an option on a commodity future)
  9. Rights to or interests in investments (Contractually Based Investments)
  10. Rights to or interests in investments (Security)
  11. Rolling spot forex contract
  12. Share
  13. Spread Bet
  14. Unit
  15. Warrant

Limitation: Limited License – matched principal broker, Rights to or interests in (both).

  • Advising/ Arranging (bringing about) on investments (except on Pension Transfers and Pension Opt Outs)
  • Making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments
  • Passport Type: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive Service

Details of this Matched Principal Broker in the UK for sale

  1. Incorporation between 6-9 Years
  2. Client Types: Eligible Counterparty, Professional, Retail
  3. Has bank accounts and Segregated Banking facilities
  4. Has permissions for Futures, Options, CFDs, FX, Shares and Warrants.
  5. Has advisory permissions – If interested, please ask
  6. Currently has passporting to Europe still
  7. The forex broker licensed company in the UK for sale currently does not have any clients or supplier contracts following a period of restructuring
  8. The company was built as a brokerage house back in 2012 and has in the past offered the following services : Execution for Exchange traded derivatives, in Financials , Oils, Metals and Commodities and FX Plus retail FX and CFDs and Spread bets
  9. Operating Costs – to be given if there is firm interest

Note: Proof of funds requirement as well as KYC of potential entity or beneficial owner interested in purchasing this firm.

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