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Overview of Medical centre in Colombo for sale

  • The hospital in Sri Lanka for sale has a 20-year track record of quality and a well-known brand name in the community.
  • We have 5,000+ channeling patients, 900+ ultrasound scans, 2,000+ OPD patients, 700+ x-rays, and 300+ ECGs per month, to name a few.
  • Dental and lab testing services are also available at the facility.

Facilities of medical centre in Sri Lanka for sale:

  • Ground floor: Fully equipped OPD/ETU, x-ray, and minor surgery facilities. It also contains a retail pharmacy and a collection center for samples.
  • Radiology unit with USS / dental surgery, channel rooms on the first floor.
  • Physiotherapy unit, obstetrics and gynecology unit, fully equipped medical laboratory with channel rooms, admin space with GM and admin office
  • Vacant on the third and fourth floors (to be completed after finalizing the facilities to be provided eg: operation theatre, wards and rooms)

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