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Music Sample Search Platform in Pasadena for sale: overview

We represent a company whose software product solves a key problem for music producers, reps, and composers: these reps and artists generally have hundreds of gigabytes of audio samples and clips on their hard disks, purchased from numerous vendors with varying labeling schemes. Finding the correct sample for what you’re working on, or what you’re selling for royalty use, is a regular problem.

Users can train their own Deep Learning model on a subset of their samples, labeling them however they want — mood, genre, instrument type, sonic characteristics, etc. — and the software will find similar samples throughout the user’s hard drive, producing an index that can be integrated with industry-standard commercial composition and music production software.

For musical audio, the software in the USA for sale generates spectrogram images, which are then classified using image recognition according to the user’s own categorization scheme.

Because training the deep learning model on conventional CPUs is time consuming, a link is established to a server with graphics processing units (GPUs) that can compute spectrograms for terabytes of audio in seconds.

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