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A license is offered for sale, as well as a large plot of land for a mineral water bottling plant.

You will be able to produce non-hydrocarbon natural mineral water at the plant (still water – no CO2) in Romania.

Mineral water source located at a depth of 800 meters underground, and the area itself is protected by the most stringent environmental regulations in the country.

The water is exceptionally clean, does not contain gases, and is beneficial to health.

The capacity is constantly 10 liters per second (l / s) or 36,000 liters per hour (l / h).

The project is located in the central region of the Eastern Carpathians. Surrounded by a chain of mountains that occupy about 60% of the territory, the forest area occupies 30% of the county’s area.

Water consumption currently reaches 50 liters per capita per year.

Market coverage reaches 30%.

Competition is

  • Coca-Cola HBC / Worcester Apemin Dorna & White Spring
  • Romaqua Borsec
  • Mineral waters of Bukovina
  • Spring of the fairies Apemin Tusnad and Tusnad
  • Wonderland of the spring of European drinks

Water consumption has grown significantly over the past 15 years and continues to expand.

Demand is expected to increase by 3-5% annually.

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