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Modern breeding farm for sale: overview

This is your opportunity to buy a well-established breeding farm in a good area for a diversified farming operation. This farm for sale is a very profitable business and the land value will always increase in the long term perspective. Being located close to the Adana Industrial Zone, the prices of the lands in these areas are growing higher due to its location. One more benefit for this farm is its location on the top of the mountains that provides excellent conditions for raising breeding cattle which consume more feed when the weather is colder and the location is quiet. The total size is 27,000 square meters. It should be noted that the soil there is 100% red being the most suitable type for raising agricultural products.

This profitable operation comprises of farm, land, water, structures, equipment, tractors, and other vehicles. The sale does not include cattle and feed, however, they can be purchased separately, if desired. The farm is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines. This list includes feed grinding, mixing feed machines, tractors, and a feed crushing machine.

The most significant part of this operation is producing its own feed for animals. The company does not purchase feed from the plants and produces its own feeds at cheaper prices and with higher quality. Since the farm is automized, there is no need to keep a large staff. Currently, there are in total 4 employees: 2 zookeepers, a zoo technician, and a veterinarian.

This farm for sale has established its own electricity system. On the territory, there is a 2-story structure of 300 sq. ft. which could be utilized both as a house and office. The barn is 4.200K sq. m. with 8 surveillance systems and automatic watering systems. In addition, there is one agricultural feed storage place of 600 sq. m. and a water tank for 30 tones. The territory is secured with 14 new and high-quality cameras throughout the farm. This modern establishment farm is already a highly lucrative business being capable to raise and sell 750 heads of cattle every 6 months. However, there is room for growth and expansion. A barn for additional 1000 heads of cattle can be easily built to this farm cause as it was included in the project of this farm. All properties are safe and licensed. One more significant feature to mention is Ziraat Bank. It loans credit to the farmers 5 times cheaper than usual commercial loans.

Over the last time, the farm has been in good maintenance by the owner but due to his health problems, he has decided to sell the farm.

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