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Niche Dating Apps and Websites in Australia for sale: description

Key features:

  • The eight dating apps in Australia for sale are all powered by the same source code base, allowing for better code maintenance across all app releases And numerous platforms.
  • The apps target specialized niches in order to reach a market that is underserved.
  • To meet the present earnings targets, only a small amount of time is required to maintain the apps. In the recent six months, no new app updates have been made for any of the apps, and no critical faults have surfaced that required action or a release in this timeframe.
  • They’re easy to use and are among the few remaining free dating applications on the market. A free dating user is able to send four free messages per day, and they may upgrade to a premium membership at any time for a one-time fee that allows them to send unlimited messages and access a variety of other features.
  • IAP is now a one-time payment rather than a membership service. It is possible to create and launch a subscription service.
  • Members are limited to one profile photo, which must be cropped to show the person’s face. This eliminates any concerns about nudity and encourages members to interact with one another and learn more. The reality is that most people are drawn to other people’s faces initially.
  • All of the functions of the apps are available on a web platform. An administration online backend displays all data and, more crucially, allows members to approve or reject photos using a cropping tool.
  • There is no advertising outside of social media, and no money has been spent on advertising. App store optimization tactics have resulted in all of the downloads being organic. With the correct advertising, there is definite growth potential.

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