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The proposed small company has been in the industry for 16 years and operates in 25 states. You can buy the financial services company in the USA and get the undisputed national leader in the financial services market in its narrow niche. Generally speaking, the company is not engaged in traditional activities that are based on the provision of financial services.

The main business of this financial services company for sale in the USA

The company has licensing capabilities and grants licenses for private investigation, data collection, and data management. At your service as a manager of the financial services company for sale, there will be an in-house staff of 18, a streamlined direct mail service, and additional staff to facilitate the financial settlement process. The company does not collect or settle debts, but rather the opposite. This financial services company has more than 400,000 clients for sale, who pay for the services of the company only upon receipt of the actual result.

Features of the organization and internal structure

The proposed financial services company for sale can be managed from an office with a total area of ​​2,500 square feet. There are also storage rooms and technical equipment. The company’s IT and licensing know-how is invaluable. In addition, the firm has invaluable best practices for improving its existing development base.

None of the operators of the same small scale have such significant investments and capital expenditures to be able to compete with this company in the market. Rapid and unlimited growth can be achieved by entering new markets, modernizing the base of developments, and attracting new specialists.

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