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Obgyn Practice in California for sale! Business ready for transfer to the new owner.

A review on Obgyn Practice in California in California

This OB/GYN practice for sale has established itself as a trusted name not only in populous Southern California, but also across the Mexican border, attracting several of the country’s famous entertainers, politicians and athletes looking for the best care for themselves and their loved ones. Surprisingly, this medical practice for sale in the United States has attracted a large number of people willing to go outside their health insurance network and pay large out-of-pocket costs to have their children seen by a doctor from this respected clinic. It also implies that the practice is more profitable than similar obstetrics and gynecology clinics, whose patients are mostly covered by insurance.

Right now there is only one doctor on staff, but with five exam rooms, one tiny laboratory, and three consulting rooms, there is more than enough room for at least two doctors to work together. Patient satisfaction has been a personal priority of the owner/primary physician for more than 30 years, and he believes this philosophy will continue at the practice even with a change in ownership.

The practice has offered the owner/doctor a very enjoyable lifestyle, as well as the unique freedoms that come with owning his own employer. Since there are 5-6 other doctors in private practice in the same area who cover each other’s patients when one of them is absent, each doctor has the freedom to take a vacation whenever he or she wishes.

After decades in practice, the owner/doctor is ready to wind down, travel more, spend more time with his grandchildren, and put this lucrative business into the hands of a new doctor (or many doctors). The owner/doctor is willing to remain in his position for as long as it takes to facilitate a smooth transition of ownership.

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