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This attractive investment opportunity presents a profit-making office furniture manufacturing business for sale in Romania.

Overview of the office furniture manufacturing business for sale

The core of the business is the manufacture of office furniture. However, over time, the services were expanded to include the manufacture of aluminum and wooden window frames, metal products, building, interior design, and many other offerings.

Since its inception in 2013, the business is offering furniture products for clients in the office area and for different projects, offering from the first day of operating a high level of quality and comprehensive expert support. The furniture it offers is available in two types: custom-tailored and standard; it is made in the company’s own factory, fully equipped with up-to-date Homag equipment. The conditions of this workplace fulfill the most rigorous standards of quality, established in the industry. The facility is based in an industrial-satellite area perfectly suited for this type of business. The manufacturing area covers 500 sq. m. and is fitted with sanitary facilities, heating, gas, A/C devices, double-glazed windows, an alarm system, a security booth, video control and a large parking place.

The business imports chairs, metal structures, and other components from Poland, Italy, Austria, or Turkey, from manufacturers with which the office furniture manufacturing business for sale has reliable contractual relationships built on mutual respect. Additionally, the business also works with national reliable suppliers.

Currently, there are ongoing contracts for the next three years, so the purchaser will recover his investment just from existing agreements. The sale of the business is complete, with all tangible and intangible assets. There is also an option to acquire only the business, and the purchaser will lease the property. If this variant is chosen, the purchaser will sign a 10 years lease contract with the seller for the property: production area = 850 sq. m., warehouses = 350 sq. m., offices = 260 sq. m., Also encompassed is a parking place for 36 places and small outbuildings.

Due to the ongoing contributions and the exceptional quality of the produced items, the office furniture manufacturing business for sale has attracted a number of furniture supply projects on the Romanian market. The offerings are sold in Romania to the final beneficiaries or through the chain of distributing centers.

What is more, this business also caters to residential clients, providing measurements, renderings, and creating furniture in accordance with the requirements of any client. Now the office furniture manufacturing business for sale is presented on the market to facilitate the retirement plans of the owner.

Please note that this is a confidential sale, so further information will be distributed only after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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