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Established in 2006, this is a fully online auto brake parts sales business for sale.

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The website offers customers access to over 1.2 million stock keeping units including brake disks, pads, calipers, drums, shoes, and related parts as well as complete installation kits. Included in customer education and installation instructions. The business offers products to manufacturer stock specifications or will drill or slot per customer orders. No dependence on any large customer, as clients are mainly individuals. Some part of the business is wholesale – to auto repair shops. The auto brake parts distributing business for sale could be growth by offering products on such platforms as Amazon and eBay – which are not currently used.

Specialized computer system matches orders to in-house inventory. If needed, it then searches the least expensive source amongst the pre-defined list of distributors before automatically ordering. The system allows businesses to have a very low inventory and receive full payment for products on the front-end. There are in total 13 fully trained employees โ€“ providing accounting, customer service, warehouse/shipping, IT, and web design. The owner sells to retire.

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