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This business for sale is the only organic producer of culinary oils in Ireland and the UK. They grow, cold press, and bottle certified organic rapeseed oil. In addition, they cold-press organic flaxseed oil. This organic rapeseed oil is an exceptional product with multiple awards both national and international. Due to its special flavor and excellent quality, this product is chosen by both Michelin star chefs and home cook enthusiasts. The product line can be also expanded with Sunflower and Pumpkin and many other seed oils as well as organic olive oil.

At the time when this organic producer of culinary oils for sale began growing rapeseed in Ireland for culinary purposes, 100% of Ireland’s culinary oil was imported. Currently, this producer has sold oil to the Arabs, exporting it all over the world. A number of other companies try to copy this producer, however, this company is still the only certified organic producer of rapeseed oil in Ireland and the UK. The process of growing oilseed rape in an organic way is quite difficult, but this company has established systems and processes and will transfer this knowledge to a new owner. As an option, there is an opportunity to purchase the seed from a reliable supplier in Europe and press it in Ireland along with other seed oils.

Organic produce becomes more and more sought-after, as people now tend to think more of ecology and health, thus choosing a green way of life. The owner would like to wind down operations on this family farm as his parents are at retirement age and the also the owner is looking to start an alternative school for his son. The business can be relocated to any place.

Why is it a good choice to buy this organic producer of culinary oils:

  • An innovative brand based on one of Ireland’s oldest certified organic farms that has won many awards;
  • Contacts with rapeseed producer;
  • Client base including distributor and export contacts;
  • The customer base of the by-product;
  • Website domain, email, social media, and so on;
  • Packing and processing unit;
  • Materials for products: labels, bottles, tins, caps, boxes;
  • Packaging Equipment;
  • Oil Pressing Equipment and much more.

A full list of equipment is available upon request.

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