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An iOS software in Belarus for sale allows users to scan and sign documents. The app was released in February 2019 and has received over 800,000 downloads as well as a significant amount of income. The app is available worldwide and is monetized through a subscription model.

Overview of PDF Document Scanning App in Belarus for sale

Key features of Document Scanning App in Belarus for sale:

  • Monthly Downloads: 13,000
  • Monthly Active Users: 33,000
  • Daily Active Users: 2,300
  • The average user stays for 2.5 months.
  • Because this app has a high level of trust in the AppStore and receives a high volume of organic installs (month after month), it will continue to generate income even without paid user acquisition.
  • Increasing the number of paying UA will assist improve revenue and profit.
  • Specific growth potential – after iOS 14.5+ was introduced, Google UAC campaigns accounted for more than 80% of users. This channel produced positive results for the owners, but they had already paused it before using SkadNetwork. Value optimization could be a crucial performance element for Facebook, given their high LTV for paying users. Apple Search Ads have the same choice.

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