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A strategically located facility with excellent experts who handle a wide variety of waste. Offered plastic and paper recycling company for sale in Spain, it manufactures plastic pellets using plastic waste (often film) and paper sludge (cellulose) from the waste as raw materials.

Professional spectrum and variety of services plastic and paper recycling company in Spain for sale

In addition, the separation of different types of films to form a transparent final product of better quality with a higher market value. You can buy plastic and paper recycling company in Spain and get a business that has an active contract with a paper mill. Potentially, the company receives 28 thousand tons of plastic and 8 thousand tons of transitional plastic for storage. Further, it is necessary to process all this plastic and create 7 thousand tons of pellets at the initial stage of work and achieve the main goal – 15 thousand tons of pellets, which are ready for commercialization in future years.

Plastic and paper recycling company in Spain has unlimited potential and everything you need to go international in the shortest possible time. The firm is quite young. There is a great business plan. The offer price is the investment that is needed for development in exchange for participation in the results.

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