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This company was re-established in 2018 and consists of 2 complete production lines with a design capacity of 9 tons per shift per day each. However, the normal working target of plastic recycling company in Gauteng for sale is 5 tons per shift per machine, which guarantees normal income, quality control, installation stability and maintenance.

More about commercial activities of the plastic recycling company for sale in Gauteng

When you decide to buy a plastic recycling company in Gauteng, you will get a company that operates on a 12 hour shift schedule, Monday through Saturday. Sunday is a day off. At the moment, the company only produces LDPE (low density polyethylene) in the form of pellets.

  • This is a great plastic recycling business.
  • The company receives raw materials from traders.
  • Due to the positive margin, which is obtained in the process of transformation, the owner of the company always has a sufficient amount of raw materials.
  • Material sorting takes place at the start, to separate the LDPE from all other plastics and non-plastic components, to ensure the final product is of excellent quality. Further, the sorted material is processed on two production lines to the final phase, where granules are formed and packed into bags of 1 ton.

The plastic recycling business for sale has two wholesale customers who buy and dispose of stock virtually every day. They, in turn, have many private customers for small batches of the product. There are other buyers of material that the owner will share with the investor to expand the business.

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