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This is a plastic waste recycling factory for sale in Serbia. The business is incorporated in 2001 as a small company, with a great program for processing plastic waste into regenerative, featuring a prime location in central Serbia near main roadways.

Overview of a plastic waste recycling factory for sale

The specialization of the business is the purchase and processing of old plastic into regenerative material. The plastic waste recycling factory for sale has been around for 20 years, operating with a team of approx. 20 employees. Over years, the business has established a stable business model and strong uninterrupted profits.

It sits on a plot totaling 2 ha, 64 m2. The property is in ownership of the company and without any liability against real estate. The location has all communal infrastructure, its own low voltage electricity network, water supply, sewerage, internet, phone, and much more.

Available 2 deal options:

  1. Purchase of a company with all assets and liabilities;
  2. Purchase of a company without obligations.

The reason for sale is due to an emergency in the family of the owners. This factory was founded by the father of the current owners, however, his sudden death changed everything.

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