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This is the prime and only leading Australian Immigration UAE Master Franchise with in-house Lawyers and Australian Settlement Services, managed by a team of professional Australians who have more than 30+ cumulative years of hands-on experience in providing comprehensive end-to-end Australian immigration and settlement services. The UAE Master Franchise started operations since Jan2015 & have catered to more than 1200plus clients. With the help of our Australian Lawyers, Registered Migration Agents & Settlement Service Providers we have brought the FBP Brand to be known as the “BEST AUSTRALiAN MiGRATION AND SETTLEMENT EXPERTS” in UAE, India, GCC and MENA region.

The UAE Master Franchise has exclusive rights in region. We are now looking for Investors to come in and run the UAE Master Franchise and also expand its presence with the help of our Head Office in different parts of the world. Our Head Office comprises of Australian Immigration Lawyers and Australian Registered Migration Agents on OMARA – There are only 3 Agents registered in UAE of which one of them is FBP International and as mentioned above the only Australian Immigration Legal Practitioners in the whole region.
Overall, FBP success rate is 99%, which is based on FBP’s previous and current performance.

Revenue Share
The partnership between Head Office and Master Franchise has been working together since the last 7 years and the Revenue share of UAE Master Franchise is 50% of the income received from the UAE Master Franchise’s direct clients. UAE Master Franchise office also gets an additional gross revenue share of 25%, for documentation collection, from the clients brought by Global Alliance Sales Partner, Agents and/or satellite offices, which are termed as indirect clients. (Indirect clients are those who have been given to the UAE Master Franchise through other local agents in the region). All such offices are set up and managed by Head Office.

Rights & Term
The Investor will receive full rights of the UAE Master Franchise for 5 years with an auto renewal as mutually agreed by Head Office from the date of signing the agreement.

Business Model
UAE Master Franchise is a plug and play business model that is designed by the Australian Management Team and is Equipped with minimal and exceptionally trained staff who can market, consult, produce direct sales, manage other local agents’ clients, collect documentation and upsell and Cross-sell various other products and services that FBP offers to the clients.

This whole business is designed by The Australian Team with exceptional IT infrastructure to work online completely and without stress. This is the reason UAE Master Franchise survived and also profited during this COVID-19 period.

The UAE Master Franchise is consistently making Weighted Average profit of an average 70% per year after all expences since the UAE Master Franchise started. The UAE Master Franchise has been audited by third party auditors and the audit report will be shown upon due diligence to prospective serious investors. Please NOTE that The Local Agent Program and the Australian Qualifications Program revenue are not even calculated in the valuation or audit reports as both these services were just introduced in 2021.

The UAE Master Franchise is conveniently located at the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road with an office space of approx 250sq ft. with a workspace of 7. Besides the office the UAE Master Franchise has access to meeting rooms, board rooms, pantry for staff, seperate washrooms etc all on the same floor.

Services Offered by UAE Master Franchise to its clients:
1. Migration and Visa Services
2. Managing Local Agents clients
3. Australian Qualification Services – Completely EXCLUSIVE – Please check the link
4. Business and Investment Services to and from Australia.
5. Exclusive Settlement services for UPTO 2years from the time the clients get their visa, provided by
Australian Authorities, exclusively ONLY to FBP clients.

Support by Head Office and Franchise Fee:

UAE Master Franchise pays some money as franchise and support fee to Head Office per annum. The support and managed access given by the Head Office is but not limited to:
1. Web and Online support – (hosting, payment gateway facility, servers, web design and content and
regular updates, web development, web and online certification and security, business emails,
2. IT Support – (customized CRM system and updated immigration process workflow)
3. Marketing Support
4. All types of Australian licenses and registration – (Australian legal licenses, immigration licenses,
documentation collection licenses, MARA registration)
5. Immigration processes and new updates

No other products or services can be run under FBP’s banner without written permission from the Head Office Management. Head Office would gladly allow other freelance Agents appointed by the UAE Master Franchise to be part of the business. UAE Master Franchise takes full responsibility to manage such freelance agents. The commercial between the volunteer and UAE Master Franchise Investor is between them.
Any new projects, products, and/or services offered by the Head Office, which is required to be launch in the region, will be first introduced to the UAE Master Franchise, and will give them the first right of refusal.

Reasons To Invest In This Business:

1. Leading and THE ONLY Australian immigration Legal Experts business based in UAE
2. Valuation & Financials done by third party accountants from Jan2015 to December2020
3. Weighted Average PE Ratio (6 years) as per the Valuation Report is 73.51%
4. Untapped market, limited competition, and massive growth potential
5. Ocean of knowledge & experience in all types of visa applications and product exclusivity.
6. Lifetime Ongoing support to the new investor and their team will be provided by the Head Office
7. The only Firm in the region that is affiliated with Commonwealth Bank Australia to open bank
accounts for our existing clients from our website as soon as the client has received their visa,
even before leaving for Australia
8. Extra additional revenue of new services of Global Alliance Sales Partners & Australian

Deal Summary:
The Investor will receive full rights of the UAE Master Franchise for 5 years with an auto renewal as mutually agreed by Head Office from the date of signing the agreement. The opportunity of payment plan can be offered to the Investor. The price will be Subject to the offer, Payment Model and the Business and Expansion Plan from the Investor. Also only Investors who will have vested interest in running the business will be entertained.


Our Lawyers and Board of Directors in Australia from Head Office would like to request you for a written offer with the requirements/ questions to be answered for their review.
1. Full name of the investors and their profiles?
2. Under whose name/company name UAE Master Franchise rights would be transferred to?
3. What is the plan and budget for expanding the current UAE Master Franchise office operations?
4. What is the plan and budget for expanding operations in UAE and globally?

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