Profitable car details manufacture in Turkey for sale

Europe - Turkey


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Business for Sale Overview 

  • A car parts maker situated in Istanbul, Turkey. 
  • We make plastic and metal extra vehicle body parts.
  • Have an organization possessing an assembling unit. We are at present creating 3,000 metric tons each day.
  • Have more than 220 molds at the unit.
  • Profitable car details manufacture for sale fabricate spare parts having a place with vehicles of 5 very grounded global vehicle brands. We are approved parts producers of these brands.
  • We don’t offer the extra parts to the 5 brands. We offer them to vehicles workshops and auto part stores and post-retail stores.
  • The parts are offered to more than 200 auto segments and extra parts stores across Turkey.
  • Also sending out to 70 stores in 30 countries.
  • Physical resources are fabricating units, machines and stock.
  • The sale would incorporate the whole business for sale and actual resources.


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