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A company that is well known, respected and competitive in its sector of the infrastructure market covering the regions of Central Canada. Infrastructure construction business for sale was established in 1975. Several years ago, the company focused on entering into larger contracts, which caused significant fluctuations in the margin over the year, and, accordingly, incurred high operating costs. Over time, the firm’s management decided to work with smaller structures. In such a sector, competition is less and there are no such high risks.

Line of activities and development prospects of profitable infrastructure construction business for sale in Ontario

The company currently rents a place to work, has all the necessary equipment and employs a team of 7 specialists on an ongoing basis. You can buy infrastructure construction business in Ontario and get a stable customer base that consists of companies operating in the government niche and being private enterprises.Β In particular, the clients of the firm are municipal and educational institutions.

Infrastructure construction business for sale in Ontario has an excellent reputation for outstanding customer service and personalized service. Every customer request is of the utmost importance to the company and every customer gets enough attention. The firm is focused on providing services and meeting the needs of the market.

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