Profitable machine tools distribution in Asia for sale

Asia - United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Aspects of this business for sale:

  • An innovation-driven firm that conveys machine items and creative materials for the development, creation, and assembling enterprises.
  • We have 7 brands of our own under which all items are sold.
  • Our point is to give current advances in apparatus and building materials that improve productivity, lessen expenses, and increment solidness to organizations engaged with the development, creation, and assembling enterprises.
  • We center around new innovations and materials that address explicit necessities, going from security and variety to productivity and strength.
  • ISO affirmed merchant of expert development and mechanical items, and a worker for hire for particular applications.
  • We have more than 400 dynamic customers all over the world.
  • Profitable machine tools distribution for sale has a development of more than 90% in the course of recent years.
  • We have an outreach group that deals with advertising. Advertising is completed utilizing the conventional strategy.
  • We have yearly agreements with a couple of customers and supply items to others when a request is set.
  • Business for sale isΒ upheld by the long-standing experience of our authors and partners in the development, contracting, and upkeep business, going back more than 30 years.
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