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The property restoration & investigative company for sale with an excellent annual turnover of funds offers custom repair services and detailed dampness investigation services, often for clients who work in the insurance, surveying and social housing sectors.

Range of services and potential of property restoration & investigative company for sale in the UK

Services are provided for the restoration of buildings that have been damaged by floods, water leaks or fire, as well as detailed investigations of cause-and-effect relationships are carried out on the found problems of dampness, condensation and mold using various first-class technological equipment. Thus, you can buy a property restoration & investigative company and have a firm at your disposal that provides optimal solutions that are tailored to the structure of the building, residents and habitual operations to minimize disruption. The company has many recognized permits, accreditations and memberships. There are also strong, long-term relationships with clients, some of whom have been using the services for more than 12 years.

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