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This is a company that operates in two districts of the same province. The branches of the recycling plant in Spain for sale complement each other, with a common specialization in the management of green space in the city center and the provision of personalized services for customers.

More about the aims and work of recycling plant in Spain for sale

Quite an important duty is the destruction of confidential papers from the government. When you decide to buy recycling plant in Spain, ​​you will get a company that started 2 generations ago and was originally engaged in personal waste management, and since 2001 has been reorganized into a legal form with proven experience in this field and all the necessary valid licenses issued by the Government of Catalonia.

Recycling plant for sale has all the required documentation, recycling codes and certificates confirming the quality of services, as well as a guarantee. The new owner can additionally buy a room with a total area of ​​100 square meters, which is located in the center of Barcelona. The offer price includes all available equipment for work, as well as vehicles.

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