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Weel-regarded gas station and auto repair business for sale in Massachusetts that has been operational since 2002.

Overview of a gas station and auto repair business for sale

Situated on a high-traffic road with great visibility in a rich community, this branded gas station, automotive repair and towing business specializes in the provision of first-class auto repair in 3 bays, with 2 lifts, including wheel alignment. A Hunter Alignment machine was recently added to provide superior service. The business for sale is one of the 25% of the state inspection stations in Massachusetts performing an average of 7000 inspections per year! The services also include emergency roadside service. The establishment has been approved by AAA for its superior service.

650,000 gallons of gas per year are pumped with a very high margin. The seller sets the retail price. If a purchaser wants to sell more gas, he has to just be more aggressive in pricing! Tanks were changed in 1997 and should never have to be changed again.

There is a C-store with a lottery, tobacco and many other items. The gas station/auto repair business in Massachusetts for sale also works with local police providing towing services and has a yard to store vehicles.

The sale encompasses 2 ramp trucks and a GMC road service van. This is an excellent opportunity for a mechanic looking to own a respected and lucrative gas station that generates strong uninterrupted income.

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