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Overview of Restaurant Bar & Grill in Pennsylvania for sale

The proprietors launched this well-known restaurant/bar in 1991. The restaurant is situated in a rural area and caters to the working class who commute to and from the county on a regular basis. Locals go to Happy Hour for food and drinks. They serve standard pub fare as well as handcrafted specialities on a daily basis. A popular menu item is their secret chicken wings recipe, and various steaks offered on Fridays and Saturdays are also highly popular. Restaurant Bar & Grill in Pennsylvania for sale opens at 7 a.m. and serves a complete menu to night shift workers returning home.

Breakfast is available all day. The building is a non-smoking, family-friendly environment. Families are welcome and feel at ease when they dine here. There are no other restaurants in the vicinity that allow families to bring their children to eat. The restaurant seats around 85 people inside and 30 people outside. Although there is no entertainment at the moment, the venue is well-equipped with a great sound system and a stage for performances.


Restaurant Bar & Grill in Pennsylvania for sale has a total area of 3,200 square feet, not including the patio. The terrace contains a full-service bar with seating for 6 people and 24 tables. The patio is a no-smoking zone. There are three POS stations in the bar, two in the bar area and one on the patio. The parking lot, the indoors, and the patio area are all covered by a camera security system. The structure has a dry, full basement that is utilized for storage. Inside the bar, there are two air conditioning units, one for the bar and the other for the kitchen. The building’s and equipment’s owners have always been proactive in their maintenance and upkeep. They update and upgrade the facility on a regular basis. A portion of the revenue has always been reinvested in the company. This is evidenced by the property’s tidy and well-kept exterior.

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