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A good opportunity to buy the retail marketplace platform in London and purchase a code and a domain on an active marketplace. The creators of this website did a great job of developing a special platform for sellers so that they can decorate windows and advertise and sell their goods immediately to customers in a quality manner.

Excellent performance and versatility of the retail marketplace platform for sale

The marketplace was created over 10 months and is designed with UX in mind, user-friendly and feature-rich in terms of technical performance. Retail marketplace platform for sale is a structure that has 3 main components: a partner portal, an administrative portal and a client retail platform. Tech components are the following:

  • OS Linux
  • Java development kit
  • Application server Wild Fly or Tomcat
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Spring Framework/Spring MVC/Spring JPA
  • Spring Rest API
  • PostgresJDBC drivers
  • Maven is a project build tool

The Partner Portal allows merchants to enter a personal secure storefront, replenish and renew products, manage inventory, analyze sales and revenue, add customer labels to sort products into categories.

Owners can include information about components or materials and allow selection of items. The technical design allows the merchant to take the order, mark the order as shipped, and other features that allow the customer to receive an automated email through Mailchimp. Payment is made through an integrated Stripe account.

Administration and structure of the business

The administration portal allows you to view sales profits and commissions, as well as track the activity of sellers. The direct messaging feature makes it easier for administrators to communicate with merchants and vice versa. The administrator can also update and change the content on the front panel, including carousels, featured products, Newest, and Trending categories.

The retail marketplace platform in London for sale is a platform where shoppers can subscribe to a newsletter, click and save favorite products, create new accounts and store shipping information for easy ordering. The potential of this platform is incredibly large and will suit anyone who dreams of having their own marketplace website.

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