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A unique and excellent opportunity in its structure to buy road planning business in Berkshire – a multifunctional structure with several sources of profit. The company’s turnover exceeds the show in the order of 500 thousand pounds. Among other advantages, the business is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe, since all materials and products used by the company are completely recyclable.

Essential services and income of the road planning business for sale in Berkshire

Speaking of profit streams, we note the following.

  • Road planning business in Berkshire for sale installs road planks manufactured by the third party .
  • The company offers services for the disposal of road slats.
  • In addition to the above two points, the company also leases vehicles – basically, the company cooperates with other contractors.

If necessary, the new owner will be able to hire additional staff to carry out the work. The company acquires and then sells various materials that are needed for the implementation of certain road works. Road planning business for sale also has several truck maintenance contracts – keeping vehicles in good condition is essential in order to rent them out.

All activities of the company fully comply with the accepted norms and standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a guarantee that all shipments moved by the company will be delivered with proper documentation, in particular invoices and receipts. This is an OCRS and DVLC compliant operator. The firm’s staff are committed professionals who have been trained by WAMITAB and EPOC.

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