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The offered rubbercover business in Crowborough for sale was established approximately 7 years ago and serves the city of Crowborough, Oakfield, Tunbridge Wells and the entire South East of England.

Key features of rubbercover business for sale in Crowborough – a sustainable source of income

The opportunity to buy rubbercover business in Crowborough is a chance to obtain a commercial structure with the following characteristics.

  • EPDM roofing is an excellent solution for small residential flat roofs and outbuildings, as well as verandas, garages, carports and gardens.
  • Firestone rubber roofing is fully durable and seamless, suitable for most residential buildings, thanks to the large sheet sizes available.

Unlike more rigid flat roof systems, EPDM is always flexible, and therefore can move along with the structure to which it is attached, and in no case will break, crack or split. Installation is very safe and does not require fire or heat. This roof perfectly protects in heat and cold.

Rubbercover business in Crowborough for sale does not need any space to work and therefore there are no extra rental costs. The company can be run from home or as part of a larger construction or roofing business. This is a great opportunity to buy a proven flat roof installer that is great for the job.

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