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Software in San Jose for sale: business overview

This solution addresses the following issue: Medical practices and clinics face scheduling/appointment challenges on a weekly basis. Each week, practices and clinics evaluate their weekly schedules to ensure that they are completely scheduled. However, as the week unfolds, they see that their calendar is becoming more open due to patient cancellations, rescheduling, and no-shows. By the end of the week, about 20% of their appointments would be no-shows, with the remaining 10% being late cancellations. This issue came up often in the sellers’ interviews with over 150 physicians, administrators, front-office workers, and patients from medical practices, healthcare organizations, and the US Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA).

In summary, the problem of no-shows and late cancellations in the US healthcare system affects patients, office employees, and healthcare practitioners in the following ways:

  1. A negative patient experience as a result of lengthier wait times for appointments;
  2. Lost productivity for office personnel and physicians;
  3. Increased patient follow-up expenditures for the medical practice or health system;
  4. Revenue loss for the medical practice or health system

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