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A company with more than twenty years of history, which has earned a reputation as a cost-effective partner. SBR granule manufacturing business in Istanbul for sale mostly works with 50x50x2.5cm rubber tiles.
However, the production capacities of the enterprise allow starting to manufacture products of a different type – about 69 sq. m.

In addition, the company produces organic fillers. This product is used for football fields when laying lawns with artificial turf. All products are FIFA certified. It should be noted that only a few companies in Turkey can boast of having this certification.

Possibility to buy SBR granule manufacturing business and get access to unlimited resources

The company is managed by specialists with extensive experience. They are aimed at improving the internal mechanisms of production as much as possible. However, SBR granule manufacturing company for sale still has unlimited room for development. Now let’s take a closer look at the company’s product range.

  • Colored SBR granules.
  • Rubber tiles.

Both product categories can be used for playgrounds, playgrounds, walking and running tracks, stables, outdoor gymnastic spaces, hospital courtyards, schools and universities, and much more.

SBR granule manufacturer for sale in Istanbul also offers recycling services for rubber products such as car shock absorbers and more. The company occupies a leading position in its sector, based on many years of experience and perfect professional knowledge. In addition to other assets, the company also has its own research and development facilities to study the materials it works with.

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