Scrap Metal License in Passaic County for sale

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Your attention is offered the opportunity to buy a scrap metal license in Passaic County on favorable terms. Licenses similar to this one are rare, and new ones are not issued in this densely populated and highly industrialized area of ​​the county.

Unique offer details – scrap metal license in Passaic County for sale

The ownership of the scrap metal license for sale gives the new owner permission to collect all varieties of metals, plastics, and other materials in the guise of an accumulation for wholesale to recycling plants; or it gives the owner the right to develop his own processing plant and for crushing, melting or separating metals, which include aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, stainless steel and others.

In addition, the scrap metal license also grants the owner the right to develop a landfill for the disposal and storage of broken cars and the sale of used car parts. Abandoned cars, machinery, industrial dismantling and house demolitions are the main sources of supply. This license, which is transferred within the city, can be the start of a business for generations.

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