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Waste collection and recycling company is proposed. Scrap removal business in Fort Wayne for sale is partnered with a large garbage disposal business in North America. This offer also includes expensive equipment assets. Business is aimed at clients from all spheres – individuals, business and government. It is currently a very green garbage collection firm, recycling about 65% of all that is removed from the workplace.

Features of operation and market entry opportunities for scrap removal business for sale in Fort Wayne

You are given the opportunity to buy scrap removal business in Fort Wayne and get a company that has been operating for more than 8 years and has tremendous experience. The main mission is to save the planet, piece by piece. By 2025, there are plans to give away, recycle 100% of everything that is disposed of to create a standard for environmentally friendly recycling options in the United States. Scrap removal business in Fort Wayne also has a very strong customer service record across North America and has an impeccable reputation.

  • Trucks do not need special licenses.
  • High net income margin/3 separate streams of profit.
  • The executive business model.
  • Training and ongoing corporate support included.

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