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This opportunity to buy septic roll containers & toilets rentals is comprised of two leading waste management businesses serving the east coast of Central Florida.

More about each business – profitable septic roll containers & toilets rentals for sale

The first business is over 70 years old and is focused on the rental of portable toilets (a major source of income) and the installation and maintenance of septic and aerobic cleaners. There are a lot of equipment: trucks, trailers, pickup trucks and over a thousand toilet units for construction and special events. The business is growing, all divisions have contracts with important commercial clients for several months in advance. Septic roll containers & toilets rentals for sale are highly scalable given the region’s long-term growth prospects.

The second business is also significant and deals with the rental of collapsible containers in the area. The equipment is plentiful, including a Hitachi excavator, Mach and Freightliner trucks, fuel tanks and about 300 containers of various sizes (10, 15, 30 and 30 yards). Now there are more than 20 clients on the waiting list who need containers. Consumer demand is almost rejected due to the increasing needs of customers for construction and contractors.

What’s in the offer?

Together with septic roll containers & toilets rentals, the property is being sold, which consists of two adjoining plots, including a lucrative office/retail building. The large plot is a springboard for two companies, it has an office and a warehouse. The property also has a lime wastewater stabilization plant, which is now used for garbage storage and collection of rental toilets. There is land for waste disposal, the treatment plant can be used for DEP approved waste disposal and service to external customers.

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