Set-up electric power plant in the USA for sale

North America - USA

Electronics manufacturing


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Set-up electric power plant for sale was established in 1983 and went online in January 1984 under the agreement. We have another 20-year contract as of May 2019. 

Aspects of business for sale:

The first undertaking comprised of 3 generators/turbines of shifting sizes to oblige vacillations in the water stream and enhance the creation.

The undertaking was intended for a base limit of 3,209,000 kWh/year. With the expansion of the fourth turbine, the chance for more creation is there, when there is water. 

There are 65+ sections of land deeded that are remembered for the price tag, alongside 44 sections of land of BLM rent. Of this 40 to 50 sections of land are lakes and trenches, with extraordinary natural life territory.

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