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Profitable gas and oil organization is for sale. Why choose this business for sale? There are 1,450 Net Mineral Acres (NMA) associated with this oil and gas business with all rent land consolidated in one lease block. There are four to six shallow oil and gas creating developments between the profundities of 5,000′ to 7,500′ however the principal and most productive zones are the four more profound oil and gas arrangements between the profundities of 9,300′ to 12,000′ which hold “Virgin” oil and gas saves just as “Virgin” development pressures.

KMK’s involvement in this possibility region in NE Texas is the shallower developments stand around a 60/40 percent possibility of holding strong creation when finished in light of the number of wells that have been penetrated in this space in the previous 65 years or more (caused drained arrangement pressures in certain spaces). Nonetheless, the four more profound developments hold next to no danger as pretty much every Cotton Valley arrangement all around bored is financially useful and the 2-D Seismic and Feasibility examines show the 800′ thick Cotton Valley development creating 400 to 600 bbl, oil each day (BOPD) and between 1,000 to 5,000 gas each day with the lifetime of the wells being between 25 to 40 years (level wells produce 3 to 5 fold the amount). The 2-D Seismic and Feasibility considers showing the Cotton Valley and Haynesville Shale/Lime (just) recuperating 1.25 Million bbl. of oil and 7.5 BCF of gas per vertical well overlooking the other two profound developments during the lifetime of one vertical well. Set-up oil and gas company for sale considers this possibility as a “High Return business”.

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