Shellfish farming and processing business in South Carolina for sale

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South Carolina’s first well-recognized premium shellfish brand for sale. For over 20 years, this brand name was hidden from customers and only chefs had this information. And now the customers know the name too!

Shellfish farming and processing business for sale in South Carolina

This shellfish farming and processing business for sale purchases clams from local cooperative clam farmers and grows its own crops too! While 5-star restaurants purchase from the business, it enjoys a wide following of celebrity Chefs and luxury restaurants around the country. Due to the highest quality of its products and the care that is put in to provide the clams and oysters, the products sell themselves.

The business holds all required permits in good order for Clam Mariculture, Oyster Wet Storage, and Onshore Processing. A new purchaser could grow the business even more by increasing the volume of clams raised on the company’s existing mariculture site, which is one of the best sites for shellfish farming in the state.

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