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This is a shrimp farm for sale that is the largest plot of land available with access to the Placencia Lagoon.

Overview of a shrimp farm for sale in Belize

Offered is a 405-acre property for sale that was once a high production as a lucrative shrimp farm and was well planned out. There are 6 25-acre ponds with high dikes between each of them. The ponds have been dried more than 2 years ago, however, they could be re-activated in short order, as the pumping station based at the river has been maintained in excellent condition.

On the territory, there is a two-level house. On the first floor of this 3000+ square foot custom home, there is a large space used as an office/workroom, laundry, spare bedroom. Included are the new Tesla Solar System that does all electricity to the structure. The main level features a spacious bathroom, with many toilets, sink, shower, and dressing room.

At the disposal of the farm also there are 2 buildings. One is a multi-level facility that is used as a bunkhouse and another is a managers’ house. They are situated close by to the river entrance and pumping station. The owner has been in this shrimp farming business for sale for almost 5 decades, now is offering support and training to get the Shrimp Farm back in operation.

This business has been operating in an industry that was once thriving in Belize, now it is making a comeback, and has opportunities to become a successful investment again. Instead of shrimp you also can develop this farm into a Coconut Farming, Tilapia Farming operation or even a solar farm if that was of interest.

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