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Software and Data Automation Business in the USA is for sale!

Overview of Software Business in the USA for sale

We’ve created a System (meta-tool) with a sophisticated rules language that can automate the assessment, analysis, transformation, and re-engineering of a wide range of computer languages, data, and text. Software engineering undergoes a revolution as a result of the increased leverage on effort.

Any organization in charge of a considerable volume of computer code or data could be a potential market for this unique technology. According to industry estimates, code maintenance accounts for 80% of all software engineering activity. Our Software and Data Automation System in the USA for sale can automate a significant portion of maintenance work, as well as portions of the code production process.

The System comprises 1/2 million (net) lines of C, with extremely high quality architecture, code, modularization, portability, & internal documentation, resulting in an extremely low maintenance load.

The System cross-links & indexes its own comprehensive User Manual, error checks our Web site & creates its site map, & automatically creates substantial parts of its own code, documentation, & DevOps materials from its entity repository.

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