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Software Business in the USA for sale: business overview

This software company in King County for sale is a sales, customer service, inventory, and accounting system. Fully configurable to provide solutions tailored to certain industries. MS Access and Visual Basic were used to create the program. MS Access databases or SQL Server backend databases are used to store data. User manuals that are fully detailed and comprehensive. Since 2000, we’ve been serving clients all around the United States. Qualified buyers have access to the entire business prospectus. Order Entry (Sales), Contact Manager, Inventory & Shipping, Purchase Order Control, RMA Tracking, Accounts Receivable, Credit Manager, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger are some of the applications available. Accounting modules are GAAP-compliant, fully customizable, and stable and dependable. Support for several currencies and languages, as well as extensive integration with Microsoft Office (Word and Outlook email).

This software company in the USA for sale was founded as a low-cost, customizable business solution for small and medium-sized organizations. Retail Supply Warehouses, Payroll Processing Vendors, Computer IT Firms, Medical Packaging, Inventory Brokerage Dealers, Construction Subcontracting, School Directors Assn. Notary and Auto Titling, Various Sales & Distribution Firms, and other businesses use it. Only word of mouth and referrals have been used for marketing. Business Model: The program comes with an End-User License Agreement (EULA) (End User License Agreement). This contract permits a customer to run the software indefinitely and make changes to the source code. The intellectual property, including the source code, belongs to the company. This company owns all modifications as well.

The license includes a one-time (per user) price, as well as further payments for additional users and revenue from general support, training, and bespoke changes. The capacity to customise the software to a company’s specific needs is the product’s main selling point. Modifications provide for the majority of revenue. Run on a semi-absentee basis (5-10 hours per week). The system has been used by 27 companies, some of which have over 75 multi-state users.

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