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Overview of Software Firm in Florida for sale

Key features of Software Firm in the USA for sale:

  • The activities of this wonderful Software Firm in the USA for sale are well-established, and beneficial characteristics include
  • Focused, up-to-date product line that is simple to understand and maintain. There’s a slim probability of a clash with the buyer’s goods.
  • Established customer base with a wide range of sizes and industries.
  • It’s a tried-and-true product. All of the necessary features are already present in a mature product. The focus of development has been on simplifying and minor feature upgrades.
  • Clear intellectual property ownership — built entirely in-house from the ground up in a standards-based, web-native architecture.
  • For the past 13 years, the company has been profitable. Growth has been gradual and consistent.
  • There are no debts or commitments outside of the lease on the office space. There are no outside investors, equity, or pressures.
  • Recurring revenue renewals and a well-developed sales pipeline.
  • There are no accounts receivable, and practically all businesses are cash-based.
  • There are no responsibilities or entanglements with third parties. Reseller reliance is limited.

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