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Software Quality Consultancy in the UK is for sale!

Overview of Software Quality Consultancy in the UK for sale

This company provides innovative technological solutions that improve the quality of software development by transforming not only software testing processes but the entire software development process. Client benefits include: a faster time to market; lower software development and support expenses; and a faster time to market.
Enhanced profitability and market value Prevention of software flaws and enhanced system reliability Enhanced productivity, inventiveness, and retention of critical personnel

The software company in the UK for sale currently has a 12-person core staff that assists the vendors with day-to-day operations. Increased sales and marketing operations will assist this company in scaling to the next level and securing more work from UK and international clients. There will be a mutually negotiated business support and transfer period.

Key features of software business in the UK for sale:

  • Established and profitable global business
  • Strong goodwill and brand value
  • Significant intellectual property in delivery tools
  • Corporate client base (including many FTSE 250 companies) Increasingly international clients
  • Impressive active partnerships
  • Scalable business opportunity
  • Well-respected and highly experienced team
  • Thought leadership
  • Full vendor handover and support

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