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Software System in Philadelphia for sale: description

This business is a virtual, relocatable software-as-a-service solution that requires a sales crew. This is a prime locator system that is cloud-based and software-as-a-service. It’s a tried-and-true technique for adding locator functionality to a website for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our clients are companies who require a shop locator, dealer locator, or product finder to be integrated into their existing website. It offers mapping and instructions utilizing Google or MapQuest maps, as well as a variety of search options such as Radius Search Filter choices and Custom Fields.

This is an on-demand, subscription-based service in which a firm or customer can sign up for the service, choose a pricing plan based on the number of locations to be saved in the system, and provide billing information (monthly recurring fee will be charged to a credit card). It’s a month-to-month recurring revenue strategy that keeps growing. Every month, more companies start using it on their websites to provide locator and mapping features to their website visitors in order to route them to their nearest retail locations.

When clients sign up for the service, they usually plan to use it for at least 2 to 3 years, or until they decide to remodel their company’s website again. As a result, after signing up and integrating the solution, clients will continue to use it for a long time. This system has a lot of bells and whistles, and about 80 firms pay a monthly membership fee to use the service to add locator capabilities to their websites. The system is simple to maintain and runs on a standard platform. The nicest feature about the system is that it has a very quick sales cycle, and we rarely have to communicate with our customers.

Customers set their search options after entering all of their location data into our system, and then copy/paste an auto-generated script into their existing business web site. Then, right away, they have a shop locator system running on their website, guiding site visitors to a store, dealer, or other location where their goods can be found! This software system in the USA for sale may be readily implemented by beginner users in minutes, and the best part is that it generates monthly recurring revenue.

You can also provide Professional Services to clients who need help loading all of their location data into the system’s database or performing design/integration work with the client’s business web site so that the system script runs smoothly and serves up the functionality right within the client’s existing business web site. This software product in the USA for sale is ready to take off, but it will require the assistance of a sales and/or marketing person or team to get it there.

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