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In 2016, SPI for sale in the United Kingdom was registered .

Overview of SPI in the United Kingdom for sale

GBP, EUR, and USD bank accounts are available. It also has a cash collection account.

There is an app with a payment gateway in place.

Authorizations of SPI in the United Kingdom for sale:

  1. money remittance.
  2. services that allow cash to be deposited into a payment account, as well as all of the procedures required to keep a payment account operational.
  3. services that allow for cash withdrawals from a payment account, as well as all other procedures required to run a payment account.
  4. the execution of thefollowing types of payment transactions.
  5. the completion of the following sorts of payment transactions in which the funds are covered by the payment service user’s credit limit.

The following are the main characteristics of a licensed entity:

  • Orders for remittances are taken both locally and online.
  • Provide forex-related services.
  • Payments from other countries could be processed.
  • The company has a history of trading and a client base, as well as a shop. It’s possible that the API will be modified.

Banking, HR, card processing, and other services may be available.

An NDA must be signed and the Buyer’s Passport and POF must be given in order to receive the name and details.

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