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The offered steakhouse and grill in Costa Rica for sale has been operating since 2017 and underwent a renovation in 2018. The company has an excellent reputation for new and quality products, as well as good atmosphere and excellent service. So, there are many clients from the local residents, a lot of long-term contacts with the local community, national and international tourists and expatriates who have been in the area for a long time.

Key features of steakhouse and grill in Costa Rica for sale

Steakhouse and grill in Costa Rica for sale is located in a lovely Mediterranean style courtyard close to the beach and far from the noise of the highway, creating a cozy, clean and safe atmosphere for families and regular customers. The restaurant has 2 adjacent shop fronts with a large corridor, outdoor lunch area and backyard space that is used to store and overflow the kitchen.

By deciding to buy steakhouse and grill in Costa Rica, you will receive full ownership of the display cases, all equipment (including reserves), tools, furniture, decorations, POS system, sound system, supplier contracts, receipts and social media. The current owner has optimized operations to reduce environmental impact by reducing waste, relying on local products, adapting to seasonal availability and increasing profitability. The company does not use disposable plastic, uses only biodegradable products, recycles all possible waste.

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