Steel equipment manufacturing firm in Dubai for sale

Asia - United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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This highly profitable steel equipment manufacturing firm in Dubai for sale which has been in business for over 20 years is now available as a turnkey opportunity. It has been demonstrating excellent financial indicators even after the pandemic, which emphasizes its resilience. This is an ideal fit for a non-technical purchaser seeking for a low-risk opportunity with great returns.

Overview of the steel equipment manufacturing firm for sale

On offer is an operational company based in a 16000 square foot building in the industrial zone of Dubai. A dedicated team of approximately 15 employees is in place manufacturing specialty steel equipment applicable in transportation, security, and other segments.

What is included in the sale:

  1. Trademark, trade name and a license, machinery.
  2. Made-to-order software designed to check tasks, working schedule, management operations, and inventory costs and its availability.
  3. Specially designed customer generation system which helps to be in touch with clientele.
  4. Special system for worker review, work process checking and logging.
  5. Machinery, products.

Key aspects of the steel equipment manufacturing business for sale

The business provides products that meet the market demand. These products are purchased by clientele from the government and private market. Overall, 120-150 orders are generated per month via social platforms and traditional marketing. Excellent reputation and recurring clientele. With no debts, the business has great profitability. Experienced management and low workforce turnover. There was contributed a lot to Research & Development to create niche products with excellent profitability and the potential to be the “number one” in the market.

The firm is proud to have reliable relationships with a range of government and private organizations making it possible to deliver affordable costs without playing with excellence. This explains the stable growth of the firm and recurrent clientele. Currently, the steel equipment manufacturer for sale enjoys having a strong brand with 3/4% of the market share. The sale is due to the owner’s relocating to another country. Details about this business will be shared once the NDA is submitted. Please contact us for further information.

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