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A commercial construction firm that can be run right from home. The business is located in Colsdon, Surrey. The successful construction company in Coulsdon for sale was established in early 2015 and has been consistently profitable since then.

Pushing business boundaries and realizing your commercial plans – construction company for sale in Surrey

The neighborhood of the district is constantly expanding, 800 new houses are being built here. There are also convenient local suppliers and easy access to central London. The construction company in Coulsdon for sale is continuously operated by the owner and a host of professional subcontractors. Initially the firm specialized in the finishing of interior construction projects, and then expanded to complete home and commercial projects.

Taking advantage of the offer to buy construction company in Coulsdon, you will get a good website and great reviews. The business grows thanks to first-class services and providing customers with exactly what they desire. As a new owner, you will be able to expand your business opportunities and services, so you can make even more profits in this industry. This is a lucrative offer with a huge development potential.

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