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Excellent business located in South Yorkshire. Textiles and accessories reseller in Yorkshire for sale resells a wide range of products from thrift stores to offer products to its customers. There is a great opportunity to expand. The current owner is selling the business to help develop the business in the new ownership.

More about the offer to buy textiles and accessories reseller in Great Britain and the range of the company

The list of the textiles and accessories reseller product in Yorkshire for sale includes clothing (textiles), decor, electronics, toys, shoes, bags, belts and books. 750 store collections every week. The firm is dedicated to serving customers who recycle items collected by the business from thrift stores and hospices.

Textiles and accessories reseller in Yorkshire has a long lasting relationship of trust with customers as well as several major contracts that last over eight years. It employs an experienced and qualified second-tier management team that can conduct business on a daily basis. The company operates from premises that are rented.

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