Three Land Plots in Mallorca for sale

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Buy three land plots in Mallorca, with which you get a building permit for a four-star hotel. The excellent coastal area of beautiful Mallorca in Spain. All plots are adjacent, and you can purchase them all together or separately. The plots are ideal for a luxury retirement home. Only a few retirees from the Nordic countries can afford to live in such real estate, and you can make such accommodation available for retirees in Spain.

Why is it profitable to have a land plot in Mallorca?

Before buying a property in Mallorca, you need to familiarize yourself with the infrastructure and possibilities of the selected area. It offers such types of services that cannot be found on a typical Mediterranean island, and this is a huge plus of a super popular resort. This ready land plot business for sale combines all the advantages of owning land in Mallorca. Multimillion-dollar fortunes are invested in this piece of paradise, contributing to the further prosperity of Mallorca, so you can not worry about the return on your investment.

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Land Plots in Mallorca